Interior Design

Living room


We believe that if you are paying to design its interior, you deserve a one-of-a-kind project. Not a churned out formula or a trend that’s minimal effort to roll-out


Whether it’s a house or apartment, we will design you a home that is original, jaw-droppingly beautiful, has elements of fun, works perfectly for your lifestyle and most importantly, enhances every minute you spend there.


Our creative Conceptual Designs are followed by technically sound detailed drawings. We can also offer a variety of Project Management solutions for your project ranging from one off visits to inspect any specific issues you may have to complete monitored management control.

The process


Each project starts with a 30-minute no charge telephone conversation, this is an initial opportunity to discuss the project in more detail and take the brief, we also discuss budgets and timescales to ensure the project can progress smoothly. We follow up the initial conversation by sending our beautifully presented price brochure for the client to peruse.



You will be assigned your interior designer who will visit you at your home to learn more about your personality, style and individual lifestyle tastes and aspirations, to learn what is important to you in creating a new scheme so that the finished product is a true reflection of who you are. This is also an opportunity to identify any issues before the project commences. This meeting is followed up with a written quotation.



In response to the clients brief the designer works on a concept design for discussion. This will be presented in the form of draft layouts showing space, utilisation and structural modifications and furniture layout. We produce mood boards to show colour schemes, wall and window treatments along with options for fabrics and finishes. This initial draft also shows 2d/3d layouts so the client has a real sense of the finished room/space. We will also produce a purchase list offering various price ranges which the client can choose to order themselves or by using our Procurement Service.



Once all elements of concept design have been agreed with the client the project moves to detail design and specification stage. Every element of the scheme is designed and specified for the client to sign off.